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AAPPTec Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis at AAPPTec

Peptide synthesis is a highly competitive business. AAPPTec is distinguished in peptide synthesis by its experienced chemists, state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality resins and reagents and the latest peptide synthesis methodology. AAPPTec peptide synthesis chemists have had decades of experience peforming peptide synthesis, and are familiar with the latest synthetic techniques. With their skill and knowledge, AAPPTec has delivered peptides with approximately 80 amino acids at greater than 95% purity.

Peptide Synthesis Modifications

AAPPTec can perform peptide synthesis including most common modifications such as D-amino acids, unusual amino acids, N-methyl amino acids, C-terminal modifications, N-terminal modifications, cyclization, PEGylation, biotinylation, fluorescence or dye labeling, phosphorylation and glycosylation. N-Terminal modifications include acetylation, formylation, succinylation and acylation with fattiy acids, including Myristic acid and palmytic acid. C-Terminal modifications include peptide amide, peptide methyl amide, peptide ethyl amide, peptide p-nitroanalide, peptide ester, peptide aldehyde, peptide alcohol, peptide-AMC and peptide-OSu. For a complete listing of peptide synthesis modifications AAPPTec can provide, click here.

Peptide Synthesis Purity

AAPPTec's Peptide Synthesis Service can provide custom peptides in any of the following purities:

Immunological Grade - suitable for forming polyclonal antibodies

80% or greater - suitable for tissue culture; ligand for affinity purification; non-quantitative antibody blocking experiments

90% or greater - suitable for in vivo studies; bioassays; markers for electrophoresis; monoclonal antibodies

95% or greater - suitabler for ELISA; RIA; enzyme substrate

98% - suitable for NMR, chromatography standard

Peptide Synthesis Instruments

AAPPTec is a world leader in automated peptide synthesis technology. AAPPTec's peptide synthesis facilities are equipped with only AAPPTec high performance equipment. AAPPTec's experienced engineers and technicians maintain the peptide synthesis equipment so there are no delays due to down equipment.

AAPPTec's peptide synthesis equipment includes a Focus XC for batch preparation of peptides. The Focus XC with heating and sonication capabilities is used to prepreare difficult and long peptides. For preparing gram quantities of peptides, AAPPTec peptide synthesis laboratory uses an Endeavor 90-III.

Peptide Synthesis Resins and Amino Acids

AAPPTec manufactures the resins and amino acid derivatives that are used in its peptide synthesis facilities, which reduces costs and ends out-of-stock delays. Since AAPPTec manufactures its own peptide synthesis materials, AAPPTec chemists have the latest peptide synthesis products, such as pseudoproline dipeptides, available for preparing difficult peptides. Additionally, AAPPTec can ensure that only the highest quality materials are used for peptide synthesis.

Because AAPPTec manufactures its raw materials, AAPPTec peptide synthesis laboratories readily prepare modified peptides containing unusual amino acids, glycoamino acids, phosphoserine, phosphothreonine, phosphotyrosine and PEGylated, biotinylated, dye or fluorescently labeled amino acids.

Large Scale Peptide Synthesis

AAPPTec can perform custom peptide synthesis in larger scale, from gram to multi-kilogram quantities. AAPPTec utilizes its Model 400 Mini-Pilot Plant for peptide synthesis at these larger quantities. The Model 400 allows AAPPTec to comply with the most stringent quality control specifications at a competitive price.

Peptide Synthesis-Libraries

AAPPTec excels at peptide synthesis of all types of peptide libraries; epitope mapping libraies, alanine scan libraries, deletion and truncation libraries, and one-bead-one-peptide combinatorial libraries. For parallel library peptide synthesis, AAPPTec utilizes an Apex 396, the leading parallel peptide synthesis instrument. AAPPTec prepares combinatorial libraries using a Titan 357, a peptide synthesis instrument specially designed for preparing mix-split combinatorial libraries. With these instruments, AAPPTec can quickly prepare high quality custom peptide libraries at reasonable costs.

For more information about AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis, click here.